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Niwaki Landscape Services is a small family owned business providing professional tree and shrub care. We built our reputation on selective hand pruning of shrubs and ornamental trees.
Niwaki Tree and Shrub not only provides selective hand pruning, but we also provide a complete variety of first-rate tree care services, from specimen selection and yard planning to complete tree removal. Proper pruning and fertilization are the two most important health factors in a plants life.

Niwaki Tree & Shrub Care is a South Carolina based company, professionally trained and equipped to provide top quality tree care. Niwaki is fully insured to protect your valuable property while professionally attending to your tree and shrub care needs. Niwaki’s trained professionals offer unsurpassed tree and shrub expertise and rock solid experience. We are the trusted tree and shrub care professionals.
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Please Don't Murder your Crape's.

If the Crape Myrtle was planted correctly for its size and shape, it will grow naturally with only minor pruning required.

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Power hedge trimmers, chew the shrubbery to bits, twists the wood and damages the branches

The beauty, health and overall wellness of your landscape is very dependent on correct pruning. What plants to prune and how much to prune is knowledge that is usually acquired through experience.

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Tree Removal is one part science and two parts skill and should be preformed by a processional

Tree removal is not just very dangerous but also very unpredictable. Make sure you tree professional has up to date liability insurance, or your tree removal project may cost more than you anticipated.

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UltraGuard Deer Repleeant
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

When multiple scaffold branches arise from the same area, the branch collars cannot knit together into a strong branch union

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Project: Pruning, Tree and Shrub maintenance

Dave was recommended to us by his brother. I have been using their services for years now, they have done a great job with my trees and shrubbery. I have an on-going contract with them, and I will continue to use their services.–Ed B.
Matthews, NC

Project: Pruning, Landscaping

Niwaki Tree and Shrub Care is very professional and does a great job. I am pleased to have found Dave and his company. –John A.
Piper Glenn Estates
Charlotte, NC

Project: Trim or Remove Trees and Shrubs

They are very professional and courteous. –Marilyn E.
Quail Hollow Country Club
Charlotte, NC

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